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Beard Oil Cedar wood And Leather 100% Manly

Beard Oil Cedar wood And Leather 100% Manly

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Cedarwood Leather Beard Oil

Our Cedar wood and Leather manly beard oil creates a soft and manageable beard.. Our blend uses Natural beneficial oils such as Jojoba and Avocado, Vitamin E and cold pressed essential oils.

30ml of 100% Man

Our Cedarwood and Leather manly beard oil is used to replace the extra oil that our skin generates. Every time we wash our faces, we lose this essential vitamin. Remember that good skin is necessary for a healthy beard; thus, we must replenish the oil lost from both the beard and the skin.

Beard oils begin with a blend of what is known as natural oils. Our manly beard oil contains natural vitamins of Avocado and jojoba.

Begin your day with a manly apothecary to hydrate, soften, and prep the beard in order to help strengthen the hairs and decrease and avoid breakage.

Lemon Creek's manly beard oil is an excellent ally for beards with wavy or frizzy hair. Instead of becoming tangled or entirely out of control, it will keep your beard properly kept and looking extra stylish.

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